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Macular Degeneration Treatment

So you have been told you have wear and tear at the back of your eyes. It could be scarring or old age, but you feel there must be some help out there for you.  Is there treatment that does not require operations or injections ?  Read on ( first I will briefly introduce concepts and causes )

 UV light and age is thought to affect the central part of the retina called macular.

The UV light produces chemical reactions, and free radicals are  by products of this - which causes damage to the retina.

Certain nutrients can absorb these free radicals to reduce the damage.

A healthy diet is key to this.

Wearing sunglasses from young age can help to reduce the risks of eye diseases.

However it may not be enough or you already have signs of macular disease or have family history of eye diseases.

Taking supplements may help but these have been bit hit and miss - but recent developments have been encouraging.

It has been discovered, there are three main macular pigments in the eye -  which maintain good vision and protect against damage. Previously, it was thought, there were two main ones - lutein and zeaxanthin. These are naturally occuring carotenoids that help maintain good eye function.

As I said, recent discovery has shown another pigment - called meso-zeaxanthin ( why do they have long names ! )

Macular damage occurs more when meso-zeaxanthin are at low levels.

Conversely, increasing the amount has given the eye a boost against macular damage

In some cases, taking the three carotenoids has increased visual function in subjects ( and so it may be used in sports therapy to enable athletes to perform better )

The macular pigments deplete with age, and so its becomes more important factor as macular disease tends to come on with age.

In particular, meso-zeaxanthin is hard to find in natural food sources and is not available in most supplements either.

Macushield supplements contains all three - lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin

Therefore it is recommended by opticians to try supplements for people who have macular disease

Scientific research  has shown promising results with  Macushield.

Find out more about benefits of supplements

Other practical help for suffers is to use reading lamp near to the page. It can make such a significant improvement when there is difficulty reading.